The tumor disappeared without a trace

For two years, Eva Nordstrøm (68) had a painful tumor in her back. The doctor feared it could develop into cancer. In 2013, her sister called Svein Magne Pedersen. At the next check the tumor had disappeared without a trace. In addition, the troublesome tinitus disappeared.

It was a agonizing and painful time, and I was worried it would turn into cancer,”says Eva Nordstrøm from Hønefoss when she tells of the tumor that the doctors discovered in the back. In 2011 she had been through a breast cancer surgery at Drammen Hospital. When the doctors did new MRI examinations, they also found a tumor in the back. Fortunately, it was not malignant, but the doctors wanted to follow her up out of fear that it could develop into cancer. For the next two years, she was constantly to new MRI examinations.

– During this time the tumor began to pinch different nerves and I was in pain day and night. I could not lean back in a chair, because then I got additional backpain. Instead I had to sit in an upright chair. Every day I took six strong painkillers. Sometimes I had to get up at night and take pills in order to sleep.

Sister called

In 2013, Evas sister called Svein-Magne Pedersen. She was very worried about the tumor. Svein-Magne prayed for her and sent her a prayer cloth that Eva carried with her and put underneath the her pillow at night.

– Some time later I was at a new MRI control. Then the tumor had disappeared! The doctors did not understand much of this. I was so happy because of what had taken place, since I had been so worried. The pains also disappeared and it was amazing!


Eva says that something else happened in connection with her sister’s phone call to Pedersen. For one year she had intense tinnitus. It bothered her day and night. There was noise in the ear all the time.

– This you have to live with for the rest of your life, the ear-nose-throat doctor told her. It was a very unpleasant message to get. When my sister called, she did not mention the tinnitus, but immediately after the conversation with Pedersen, I suddenly discovered that the tinnitus had disappeared. Now it has been over three years, and I have not had tinnitus since. It is incredibly wonderful.

More miracles

Eva grew up in a Christian family in Nordreisa in the county of Northern Troms and has always believed in Jesus and healing. She tells about one time she experienced something very peculiar. In the 90’s she became very ill and faced some challenges. One night she woke and saw that Jesus was standing in the bedroom.

– It was a very strong experience. I had to pinch myself in the arm to make sure I was not dreaming. He was wearing white and I immediately saw that it was Him. The day after things began happening and I recovered, she says.

Eva has also recently experienced Jesus intervening in her life. This time it was regarding a girlfriend who had a stroke. In September 2016, Eva phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer for the friend. Her condition was severe and she was hospitalized for a lengthy amount of time. Most had given her up and a nursing home was ordered.

– Suddenly I received a telephone call about the situation having changed drastically. The staff themselves called it a miracle. Now she had begun to walk with a walker, something nobody imagined would happen. Recently I was visiting her. I gave her the magazine «Healing», and she read it with great interest. God is good and he wants to heal all people, Eva concludes.

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