The sheep farmer Bjarne was healed of arthritis!

When Bjarne Klungtveit from Nedstrand got arthritis, it became very strenous to be a sheep farmer. After several years of ailments, he was on a 90 percent disability insurance. In 2004 the arthritis disappeared after prayer, and since then he has been running after the sheep on the Hardanger plateau pain-free.

Bjarne Klungtveit (79) from Nedstrand in Tysvær municipality has worked as a sheep farmer since the 1970s. It led to an active everyday life. He was also fond of forests and outdoor activities, and was always on the go.

In the early 1990s, Bjarne started having body aches and pains. The fingers, arms, shoulders and thighs became very sore. After a number of examinations, the doctors at the rheumatoid hospital in Haugesund discovered that Bjarne suffered from arthritis. This was in 1994.

-Arthritis is a chronic inflammation. My fists were big like soccer balls and I had great pain. I started taking chemotherapy tablets once a week. This was the case for several years. In addition, I used pain relief pills daily.

On sick leave

The arthritis caused daily life as a sheep farmer to become heavy and painful. The sheep remained on the Hardanger plateau, but he could no longer be equally active. Bjarne nevertheless bit his teeth together and performed as much as he managed.

The arthritis was also affected by the weather. Rainy, windy and cold weather made the ailment worse, something that was not uncommon in western Norway where Bjarne lived.

-As a sheep farmer you are a bit more flexible than if you had been working with cows, which must be milked every day. Nevertheless, the arthritis caused me having to limit the workload. It was not easy to be on sick-leave being self-employed. The family helped me some, but as the years went by, I became increasingly more unemployed. In the end I was 90 percent on sick leave.

Meeting in Kopervik

On June 19 and 20, 2004, Svein-Magne Pedersen had meetings in Arken church in Kopervik, Karmøy. When Bjarne read about the meeting in the newspaper, he decided to attend. Over 400 people showed up and around 20 were saved. Several were also healed.

-It was a great meeting, and sitting next to me there was a man weeping. Pedersen preached that Jesus can also heal today. That was nice to hear. I have always been a believer and Jesus has always fascinated me. When I was little, I loved hearing Bible stories about Jesus when He healed people.

In the course of the evening, Pedersen prayed for the sick, and eventually it was Bjarne’s turn. He felt a warmth that went through his body. Already upon leaving the meeting room, the pain began to disappear. After a few days everything was gone.

Some days later he had an appointment with a homeopath, who he had been to for treatments several times. He was very surprised and exclaimed:

-You no longer have inflammation in your body!

Bjarne therefore sought the Rheumatic Hospital in Haugesund to hear the doctor’s version. He examined Bjarne’s joints and was also very surprised because he could not find any signs of arthritis.

-I think I will quit using the arthritis medicines, Bjarne said. The doctor was sceptical, but since Bjarne insisted, he deleted Bjarne out of his papers.

Today it has been thirteen years since Bjarne was healed and he has not felt anything to the severe arthritis pain that he had been living with for over ten years.

-I got a whole new body. In the following years I have been in normal activity, both as a sheep farmer and outdoors man. Every day I pray for Svein-Magne and Misjonen Jesus Leger.

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