Ole was dependent on nasal spray

For about ten years Ole Eidem from Helle was highly dependent on nasal spray because of nasal congestion. The doctors did not want to operate, with concern that it would get worse. In 2005 he phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer. In the time that followed he has never used nasal spray.

-I always had the nasal spray readily available everywhere I went. It was in the car, the boat, at work and at home. I was very dependent on the spray, says Ole Eidem from Helle in Kragerø municipality.

For years he had been suffering from nasal congestion, and for over ten years he used nasal spray almost every day.

-I especially needed the nasal spray before bedtime. There was no point in trying to sleep without it. I regardlessly followed some of the advice on the packaging. There it suggested having a two day abstinence after 10 days of use. I followed through on this, but there were great amounts consumed throughout the year regardlessly, he said.

Adhesions in the nose were causing the problem. Eidem was several times to see the Otorhinolaryngology doctor, but he would not recommend surgery. It was a difficult procedure, and he believed that it could rather get worse.

-The situation only worsened over the years. When I had a cold it was it was especially bad. It was a frustrating existence.

Experiences with God

Ole Eidem is originally from the fishing village of Sommarøy in Tromsø, but now lives in Helle outside Kragerø. Ole and his wife have for years believed in Jesus. He was saved at age 17. Great parts of his life he has been a skipper and worked as a fisherman. Eidem says that God has had a hand of protection over him. For many years he struggled with migraines, but in 1974 he was sitting at home reading a Christian book about healing. He was then healed. He was free of migraines for six years, until one morning he woke up with great migraine pains.

-I brought out the Bible and got a message from God. The migraines disappeared again, and since then I’ve never noticed anything to the ailment.

Also another time Eidem experienced healing. Around 2005, he was at great speed sent by ambulance to Telemark Hospital in Skien because a polyp had burst. He had lost a lot of blood, and the situation was critical.

-My wife laid her hands on me and prayed. When I woke up from the anesthetic, I got surprising news from the doctor. They had not found any polyps and everything was fine. The doctor understood little of what had happened.

Healthy Overnight

Because of all his past experiences with God’s help, Eidem had great faith in healing. On May 10, 2005 Eidem decided to call Svein-Magne to receive prayer for the congested nose.

-Pedersen prayed for me, but I felt nothing in particular. As I went to bed in the evening, I was not using the nasal spray. The next morning the nose was open and healthy. Since then I have never used nasal spray. It was amazing! Everything that Jesus has done for me, I have testified to many people over the years. All glory to him!

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