Healed after 60 years of migrane headaches

For almost 60 years Frank Robert Nilssen (62) suffered with migraine headaches. He had weekly pains and medicines did not help much. It affected his work-life and he was constantly on sick leave. In the summer of 2016 he phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen. In the time that followed Frank has been migraine-free.

When Frank Robert Nilssen started first grade in primary school in 1961, he started getting headaches. The ailments kept returning, and it went to show that they were migraine headaches.

-At the time being idle while doing homework was not an option, and often he spent hours with it. Often while I was doing homework I got enormous headaches. I became nauseous and vomited. Throughout the school years I often had to be absent from school because of the migraines. In addition I often had to drop the homework.

Heavy everydaylife

The migraine attacks continued throughout the school years and further into the working life. For over 40 years, Frank worked in telecommunications, but because of the migraines there were different obstacles.

-It did not get any easier when I started working. There was a lot of stress and a lot of agitation with the time pressure. I was often on sick leave and eventually I acquired a special agreement with the employer in relation to all the sick days.

-It was also difficult for Frank to arrange assignments with clients at work, because he never knew when he could get sick. It was also this way at home. It was not easy for the family to plan visits and activities, because the plans had to be cancelled if Frank got sick.

-I had attacks one to two times a week that varied in severity. Occasionally a longer period of time could go by without ailments, while sometimes I could be sick for several days. Often I lay in the bedroom with great pain and alternated between drinking water and throwing up. The room had to be dark because I was so sensitive to light. It was absolutely terrible.

In the 1990s, there were more medications for migraines, but they did not help Frank much. Finally around 2009, he sought a neurologist and head specialist in Bodø who offered a medicine that had a good outcome.


In the summer of 2016 Frank decided to contact Svein-Magne Pedersen. Frank was then going through a difficult period with migraine attacks and wanted to give prayer a try. The family had previously experienced healing from Pedersen’s prayers when they witnessed the daughter getting healed of severe asthma. It happened after Svein-Magne Pedersen had prayed for the sick at the «Lønning Direkte» talk show television program in 1996. About 20 years later, it would go to show that a new healing would take place.

-When Pedersen prayed for me, I did not notice anything in particular, but I got better in the course of the week. In the end, the headache had disappeared. The good thing was that the ailments did not return. Since that time, I have been healthy and have not had such attacks. Life has improved greatly. It’s absolutely fantastic!

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